What are your plans for ? My tracksuit is sick. What are your ambitions? In secondary school, Year 7 [age 11]. An early clue came when Boy Better Know won the four-way stage-show battle the Red Bull Culture Clash in , beating more established overseas names like Diplo in the process — who were these guys that had a whole room full of young fans raucously cheering their every punchline?

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We take a lot more inspiration from Jamaican cpme culture than from the US. Having more than doubled their views from season one to two, the third season of Mad About Bars will feature a collaboration with Spotify, so I asked Kenny to shed more light on how that came about. They were like the first platform that gave man a look in.

See more music from Fekky.

How British MCs found a voice of their own | Music | The Guardian

Who were your influences? Order by newest oldest recommendations. The sonics were more Ibiza than Bow, and it did little to help underground UK music, but the format at least provided some long-overdue commercial success. People think that being a DJ is just going to the fekky come on then mixtape and playing music.

He is the pioneer of a powerful freestyle series, has hosted various mixtapes, holds live shows and dedicates himself wholly to the helping rap, grime, afroswing and drill grow in UK. Dizzee the trailblazer has four No 1 singles to his name. In an era where compilation albums are rife, with the likes of Charlie Sloth, The Heavytrackerz and New Gen all releasing albums this year, it only seems right that Kenny drops something of his own too. Who else in the UK would you tip for future success?


I lived five minutes from where Deja used to be, so that was one of the main stations I could catch. Fekky come on then mixtape see the vision and get the story of it. In my opinion, he had one of the greatest UK albums of all time, Original Pirate Material, so for him to step in the booth and help direct this album is sick. Ajay Rose 04 Feb I was always a performing arts kid, whether it was dance, music, acting.

Fekky Takes Us on a Journey with New Album ‘El Clasico’

What are your ambitions? Inalmost by accident, one song created a formula that would see the grime generation move en masse into the charts and clubs: I want to make people understand that, whatever you want to do in your life, you just have to go and do it — teachers thought I was a prick when I left school to do this music thing, but now they want me to come in to school to speak in assembly.

You get energy from the people in fekky come on then mixtape crew. Instructions You can embed a Mixtape Madness player in your website or blog and stream the music directly in your website!

That vibrancy he displays on a track stems from his background in live events.


How Kenny Allstar became one of the most trusted voices in UK rap

Above all, Kenny Allstar does everything with a genuine passion for UK music. Our accents, our lifestyle, our culture. The mixtape gives us his definition of what it is to trap and what’s going on with the Blue Borough movement.

How do you approach your music? In the tide turned again. Since those freestyles, each of those artists have grown their fan-bases considerably.

Mad About Bars has become a trusted hub for sourcing emerging UK rap talent. I started listening to Kano and Nasty Crew on Deja: Inspired in part by the astonishing perseverance of brothers and original grime legends Skepta and JME — whose DIY hustle and staunchly independent label and crew, Boy Better Know founded in the midsdefiantly charted an alternative course, outside of the traditional music industry — a new generation of MCs emerged.

Ajay Rose 06 Jun Just follow the fekky come on then mixtape steps below. What are the differences between US and UK rap? The first season drew in over seven million views, with the second raking in 15 million views across more than 30 freestyles.

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