It’s only when one can see the images going with the sound that one can really imagine the energy and the sweat of an artist and value the effort he has to put in his art. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. At only 14 years of age, Mamady was by far the youngest member of the National Ballet. We underwent further training for about a year, a period in which the number of participating artists eventually dwindled down to San Diego is the place where my wife and daughter live, so naturally I feel at home there as well, and Belgium is where my solo career started.

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Artist Profiles: Mamady Keita

The band kept growing and these days we’re twelve on stage, delivering a vibrant spectacle. It was as if I saw my entire life flashing before me. I really started to learn how to play the djembe at the mamady keita of seven, the year my mother passed away and I finished my initiation when I was ten, the year I also lost my father. From that day mamady keita, we were ieita by a team of Guinean civil servants and the Djoliba Ballet became the president’s private troupe.

mamady keita During one of the tours I did with them, we also ended up in Belgium and that’s how I met Poney Gross, who’s my manager now, and Patrick Wallens, who since became the organiser of Couleur Cafe, the festival here in Brussels. Even before his birth his mother was told that his name would travel beyond Balandugu, beyond Guinea and beyond all keeita Africa. Not much later we invited Nevy Fiaty, a Togolese, to join us. The book transcribes over 60 Mandingo mamady keita and includes detailed histories.


Sadly, the djembe was still often seen only as a noisy percussion instrument.

Mamady Keita | Album Discography | AllMusic

We had to get up every day at five in the morning and our training had mamady keita almost military character. Today Mamady travels around the world teaching mamady keita performing; every winter he hosts two 3-week workshops at his private compound in Guinea. That place is the source of my existence. InMamady was initiated into the secrets of the djembe and to the history of his people, the Mandingue. First and foremost, I wanted to protect my culture, our traditions and the instrument I love.

Mamady Keita, 50 years in the business! You will have to observe him from birth and he will show you his path in mamady keita himself. I immediately agreed to take part and moved to Belgium in the spring of One often hears it’s very difficult to record percussion in a decent way. Angel Romero y Ruiz has been writing about world music music for many years. He saw art and culture as the ideal means to promote the country abroad and quickly started to organise competitions to find the best artists and mamady keita them in a national ballet troupe.

Here, avid students learn to play the jembe, a large, conical, open-ended drum with a head of stretched goat or antelope skin.


Pregnant women visit a fortune-teller to know if they are carrying a boy or girl and to find out its destiny in life. The name refers to a Malinke proverb which says Without music there is no joy, but without joy there is no music. He is a member of the Manding ethnic group.

He went on to become the djembe soloist and lead drummer of Ballet Djoliba and in was named as Artistic Director. Archived PDF from the original on 20 January Retrieved 1 January From what my mother told me, the look in my eyes when I saw that djembe ,amady the mamady keita time was indescribable.

Mamady Keïta

He founded the websites worldmusiccentral. This child will be bigger than our entire village! The fortune-teller told my mother: Retrieved 24 March August Balandougou, Guinea. Views Read Edit View history. The keia I’m about to tell you, you will have to repeat mamady keita to someone younger than yourself, because by the time your son will mamzdy reached adulthood, you’ll no mamady keita be there and your husband neither. They had just opened an international school of percussion at the time Repercussions, red.

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